Astronaut Steve MacLean Interview Webcast
Hey Everyone, It's your old pal Eddy the Eco-Dog here. Come check out all of these great questions that were sent in by kids from all across Canada. All of the questions were really awesome but we could only pick so many, even though we wanted to ask them all!
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Steve MacLean
Steve MacLean was selected as one of the first six Canadian astronauts in 1983.
He flew in space aboard Space Shuttle Columbia as a Payload Specialist.

Right now, Steve is a CAPCOM (Capsule Communicator) for the
International Space Station.

In April 2003, Steve will fly through space to visit the
International Space Station as a crew member of Mission STS-115
aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour.

Steve will do two spacewalks.
The crew will add trusses to the Station and deploy solar array panels.

The Mission Launch date:
Scheduled on April 10, 2003 from pad 39B

Endeavour 18th ISS flight assembly mission

Estimated launch window:
Less than 5 minutes

Landing date:
Currently scheduled on April 20, 2003

Mission duration:
10 days

Shuttle Crew:
6 astronauts including Canadian Space Agency Astronaut Steve MacLean

Space Station Crew:
Yury Malenchenko, Expedition Commander
Sergei Moschenko, Flight Engineer
Edward Lu, Flight Engineer

Steve MacLean's Responsibilities:
First Canadian to operate Canadarm2. Will perform two spacewalks. During this mission, the crew will deliver and install two additional solar arrays increasing the ISS voltage capability.

This will be the third of a total of four sets of solar arrays to be installed on the ISS.
Each pair of wings spans about 75 metres.

Two teams of astronauts will perform a total of four spacewalks during the mission.

As a mission specialist, Canadian Space Agency Astronaut Steve MacLean is scheduled to take part in two of these spacewalks. One of the main tasks performed by the astronauts will be the installation and connection of two truss segments.

They will also install and deploy two solar arrays.


Delivery and installation of
two truss segments (P3 and P4)

One of the main objectives of
Mission STS-115 is the delivery
and assembly of truss segments P3 and P4.

The continuation of the truss segment will
enable the mobile transporter to move along
the width of the ISS. Once completed, the ten
pre-integrated truss segments will reach a total
length of 95 metres.

Delivery and deployment of two new solar arrays (4A and 2A)
Questions & Answers
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Jessica: What do you think it is going to be like in taking part in 2 spacewalks?

New Brunswick
Christopher: (age 11)Do you get as tired physically in space even though your muscles are not working against gravity?

JD: (age 5) How do they make the rockets blast off?

Nova Scotia
Amy: (age 9) How do you drink in space without gravity?

Samantha: (age 7) Where do you keep the rocket when it is not travelling?

Amanda: (age 7) How did you become an Astronaut?

Leah: Do you ever worry that the space ship will run out of fuel?

Zaneta: Does it realy feel like a bird when you're in space or is it just something that people say?

Amy: When you fix the rocket ship, how do you stay close to it instead of floating away?

Quyen: Why did you want to become an astronaut?

British Columbia
Nathan: (age 11)Is it true that you are bigger when you are in space?

New Brunswick
Erin and Kendra: How long could you live in a space suit? Is it hot? Is it cold? Is it just right? ps. do you have a dog, I do

New Brunswick
Morgan: Out of the nine planets, what planet would you like to visit the most?

New Brunswick
Justin: Did you ever get a detention in school and, if so, for what?

Meghan: What is it like taking off?

Levi: (age 5)If you could bring one thing back from space, what would it be?

Chelsea (age 13): How long did it take to get ready for space?

Mikaela: Do you like what you do?

New Brunswick
Matthew, Matt, and Craig: When you were young, did you ever dream of going into space?

Devon: How do astronauts get rid of waste in the shuttle?

Cody: Do you think there is other life in the universe?

Matthew: Do you ever think that they'll put a kid in space?

Elwood: How has the technology of the 21st century effected the way that space travel has been designed?

Thank you from Steve