Lorane Poersch

President & CEO
KidsWebTv Inc.

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In 1991, Lorane Poersch, then an international broker of post-consumer recycled plastic, was writing a proposal for presentation to a British corporation. Her thoughts were interrupted by an idea to create a fun-loving character who would make kids giggle and kindle their curiosity to discover. Eddy the Eco-Dog was born... on Planet Chachachawowa.

Profiled as a "Who's who of Notable Canadians" since 1994, Ms Poersch has dedicated her life and career to educating and entertaining children by combining the arts and technology. She is a noted expert on children and the Internet, running countless studies and focus groups and developing several youth initiatives such as the "Student Advisory Board" and the "Partners in Technology" program for classes to participate in real life work experience with a renowned technology-entertainment company. Ms Poersch has been an active board member of the Sustainable Development Award Selections Committee and Earth Day Committee.

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