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Earth J's Get Poetic!
Hey Earth J's! Make sure to check out the Poetry Corner and see our first featured poem, titled "Old Hat New Hat", by Katy! Katy did an excellent job with her cool poem!

Waz Up?
By: Jackie, Age 10

One time there was a cat of the world and someone tried to steal her so Eddy went to Pluto and it's moon and before he got there he had to find clues to who took the cat.

WatchOut Eddy!
By: Kelsey, Age 10

Once there were a puppy named Eddy he was heading out the door and boom a rock hit him Eddy was wondering who did it. Eddy will find out in the next story!

Watch Out For Dog Bone Pizza!
By: Amanda, Age 10

Hi it's me, Amanda!
I would like to tell you that if you go on read all the clues for the secret password you can go into a secret space! I found them all, but I have not gone to the space yet! I'm going to do that right now!

your fellow Earth J,

Down the Drain!
By: Elizabeth, Age 10

I know, and you know too, that lots of people pollute. It's bad, and there's lots of different kinds of ways to pollute. I can't say all of them, but one of them is putting stuff down the drain. For egsample: paint, oil, chemicals, and much more. Lots of people are encouraging people not to pollute, and are putting paint down the dain them-selves. Lots of people are trying not to pollute, but I think we all do onece in a while. And lots of people are helping the environment buy picking up garbage, recycling, and lot's of other thing to help the environment too. I think that's all I can say for now, but you'll hear from me again Eddy!!!

Letter from Sara
By: Sara, Age 7

I Am Sara Bowen.I Really Like You.I Think You Are Really Cool.You Look So Cute To Me.Guess What You Are Really Awsome.You Are Really Cool To Try And Save The World.

Your Friend

The Cat
By: Margarita, Age 8

There was a cat that liked mice. So one day the cat saw a mouse.
"I'm going to eat you",said the cat.
"Oh no" said the mouse.
"Let's be friends!", said the mouse
"Okay", said the cat.

By: Emily, Age 7

EcoDog is the best, he save animals.